Program Management

Delivering Projects That Make a Difference

The Challenge

At Gently Consulting, we work with you to ensure that the most valuable projects are selected and delivered efficiently.

We help your business to implement a structured approach to program management.

You want to get the most out of your projects, which is largely driven by two key elements:

  • Project prioritisation and selection.
  • Measurement and tracking.

These are best-achieved through application of a stage-gating approach to manage projects through their life-cycle.

Our Approach

Gently Consulting helps leaders to implement a structured process to respond to measures of progress

Over the life-cycle of any project there will be an increasing amount of spend committed and work completed while at the same time there is a decreasing opportunity to make changes to the project. It has been shown that the early stages of a project are where the most value is generally created. It is therefore critical that there is full understanding and agreement of the opportunities available or the problems to be solved, that the right projects are selected to capture the opportunities or address the problems, and that the selected solutions are well-designed and implemented.

Our Experience Counts

Gently Consulting is an agile problem-solving management consultancy with:

  • Extensive industry experience in senior positions across a range of industries.
  • Specialised expertise in business improvement and change management, with strong experience in program delivery.
  • A strong record of coaching and supporting leaders to deliver measurable financial and non-financial improvements to their businesses.