Program Management

Ensure Your Systems Drive the Desired Behaviours

The Challenge

Gently Consulting works with you to develop a disciplined systems approach

We help your business to implement a systems approach to align work with the desired culture.

All workplaces have systems to enable work to be done, whether written down or not, authorised or not, and productive or not.

The challenge that many organisations face is to ensure that the systems being used every day are those systems that are authorised (approved) and productively align with the organisation’s strategy.

Our Approach

Gently Consulting helps you implement a structured approach to system design

All systems can be judged against the Systems Matrix (“Systems Leadership”; Macdonald, Burke & Stewart) as being either authorised (sanctioned by the organisation) or not authorised, and productive (meeting the needs and strategy) or counter-productive. Ideally, all systems used in the organisation will be Type A (both authorised and productive).

Key to the continuous improvement process for systems is instituting a review cycle, where the System Owner is regularly engaged to ensure that the system is delivering results that are both meeting the design intent and the organisation’s strategy.

Our Experience Counts

Gently Consulting is an agile problem-solving management consultancy with:

  • Extensive industry experience in senior positions across a range of industries.
  • Specialised expertise in business improvement and change management, with strong experience in program delivery.
  • A strong record of coaching and supporting leaders to deliver measurable financial and non-financial improvements to their businesses.